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Why Your Hot Tub Store Isn't Growing

The hot tub and spa industry is a billion dollar industry, which leaves no question as to why it's an attractive business to own. I mean, let's be honest, a hot tub is one of the most intriguing products for a home owner to have. Between hydro-therapy, muscle recovery, treating of pain and tightness and more, who wouldn't want a spa? From a consumer perspective, it is still very much a sought-after product.

But what about dealers and store owners?

If you're a typical spa dealer, you've experienced a bit of a 'roller-coaster' ride since the Covid-19 pandemic. Similar to us at SpaSurge, before we sold our hot tub store, sales numbers during Covid were through the roof! With more and more people staying home looking for activities to do with their families and significant others, a shiny new hot tub was one of the hottest products in all of commerce. We all had to deal with extended lead times, manufacturing delays, material shortages, and all the other... less than ideal, issues that arose. Although for some reason, that didn't stop customers from shopping.

Fast forward to now, in quarter two of 2023, the majority of stores we talk to are experiencing quite the opposite. Numbers are down, emotions are high, and store owners are looking for ways to get that feeling back that they had in 2020-2022.

To be very blunt, and I hate to say this, but sales will never be as easy as they were in those times. As a matter of fact, the old way of doing just about everything in the hot tub industry also will never be the same. The old school traditional marketing methods of signage, radio spots, tv commercials, and print ads had their day, but it's no longer a revenue driver. Digital marketing is finally becoming a priority for more than half of the hot tub stores in the country, but more often than not, it's a very basic strategy that has little to no impact on revenue growth.

Here at SpaSurge, we've developed a digital marketing system that generated us $5 million in revenue in just two years of implementation. When we ran our hot tub store, we focused solely on digital ads and digital marketing strategies that at the time had never been seen. Now, only our clients are duplicating our process through our done for you digital marketing service. We leverage digital platforms like Google, Bing, Social Media, Email, and more, to get attention in the marketplace. We spend time in the same places your customers spend their time... Online.

Majority of digital marketing agencies run the same play, which is a very basic offense. Our approach to the hot tub industry is much different, and it converts at levels never been seen in the space. Our digital marketing strategy focuses on taking prospects through a unique series of stages from, never heard of you, to advocate for life.

If you'd like to learn more about how we generate hundreds of monthly hot tub leads, schedule a call with us now. We look forward to growing your business by 20% in the first 90 days. And yes, that's a guarantee.

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