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More Hot Tub Sales.

SpaSurge provides

done-for-you advanced digital marketing strategies specifically for hot tub dealers.

A decade of experience

Exclusivity to your territory

Proof of concept

Hot Tub Marketing

Bringing Hot Tub Stores Online

Hot Tub Marketing

There's no mystery why the billion dollar hot tub industry is an attractive business to run, but there is SO MUCH more opportunity than the typical spa store business owner sees. With over 300,000 monthly google searches for hot tubs, if you're reading this, we guarantee you've barely scratched the surface of your stores potential.

How do we know? We've done it. After building a hot tub store from zero to $5Million in 2 years, we sold the business and now use our advanced digital marketing strategies to help others grow at an unprecedented rate.


What We Offer

Our digital marketing service is a bullet proof strategy that generated us $5million of spa sales in just 2 years of implementation. This strategy is an advanced strategy used by the top 1%. We go over the strategy in detail on our discovery calls. Book yours today!


A Massive Increase in Lead Flow

Would you benefit from an additional 100-200 qualified spa leads per month? If you have a low closing percentage, say 5%, thats an additional 5-10 new spa purchases every single month. Depending on your price point, that's another $50,000 - $100,000 in revenue each and every month... 


Omnipresence & More Visibility

Rule #1 of marketing: Get attention, and be seen. Not only be seen, but be seen... EVERYWHERE. Digital marketing is a process of moving prospects through a series of stages. These stages consist of new lead, nurture and educate, all the way through their purchase where they're now an advocate of your business for life.


Comprehensive Ad Strategy

Our advertising strategy is a 360 degree, bullet-proof profit machine. We leverage the largest platforms in the world... you know, the platforms ALL of your customers are using

Every. Single. Day. We hang out where your customers hang out.


20% Revenue Growth in the first 90 Days

... and by the way, we guarantee that or you don't pay. On average, our return on ad spend is between 10-26X. Meaning, for every dollar we spend, we see a return of between $10 and $26. Image putting $1 in a slot machine and every time you pull that lever it spits out $20?

A Modern Lead Magnet

95% of the hot tub stores we talk to do not have an optimized lead generation strategy in place. On average, stores are seeing between 3-10 leads per week from paid advertising. Forgive me when I say this... that's unacceptable. We implement up to 68 different lead generation strategies that consistently get 85-200 new hot tub leads per month, depending on your geographic area.

Optimized for conversion

Over 4 years of recent buyer data

Modern designs

Hot Tub Marketing

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

With unprecedented results, it's no question why SpaSurge is becoming the go-to full service marketing agency in spa sales. Want to learn how your store can be the newest success story? Schedule a call with us today! 

Get Ready to Maximize Your Business Potential Using Our 7 Figure Digital Strategy

Hot Tub Marketing
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